Medical treatment

Once the cardiologists have the data about the extent and severity of your heart disease they can identify the most appropriate treatment options and discuss these with you. You are then able to make informed decisions about the care you want to receive.

Nutrition and exercise

Our clinicians offer a wide variety of treatment options to patients. In the first instance, they provide advice about your diet and the amount and type of exercise you need to improve the health of your heart.

Drug treatment

As well as using a range of drugs to help your heart beat more effectively, they can also use them to control blood pressure.

Angioplasty and stents

When this is appropriate, our interventional cardiologists, Dr Clive Low, Assoc Prof John Elliott, Dr Dougal McClean, Dr David Smyth, Dr James Blake and Assoc Prof Michael Williams, are able to repair the blood vessels of the heart. They have special expertise in widening the coronary arteries and inserting stents (tiny wire tubes) into them.

Heart Surgery

Not all heart problems can be treated with even the best advice, medication or stents. Some people need open-heart surgery. Heart Centre's cardiac surgeons', Mr Harsh Singh and Mr David Shaw have trained extensively both in New Zealand and overseas and provide care that is the best available internationally. They have perfected the skills that enable them to repair the heart without stopping it beating. This means less trauma and complications for patients than is the case when the heart is stopped during surgery, and their success rate is amongst the best in Australasia. They operate in the theatres at St George's Hospital. Patients recover from this surgery in the Heart Centre intensive care unit located there. Dr David Bowie is our intensive care physician.


Cardiac Catheterisation procedure


Reviewing the results of cardiac catheterisation


Cardiac Surgery